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Kids Vitamins

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D-35 Dentol
INDICATIONS: Teething aches and cramps, toothaches. Disorders affecting the dentition. (See: D-34 Bone Texture drops.).
D-36 Hyperkinex
INDICATIONS: Over-sensitivity in the nervous system of children, nervous diseases and St. Vitus’ dance, etc.
DHA Children's
DHA Children’s is produced in Norway and features health-promoting, sustainably sourced omega-3 essential fatty acids that are ratio balanced to help support eye and brain health. This formula is manufactured utilizing a proprietary system to guard against harmful levels of potential contaminants an...
Dynamic Kids Drink
Dynamic Kids Drink contains a dozen different berries with more than 50 wholesome ingredients including Mangosteen, Noni Acai, and Goju. Each scoop supplies the antioxidants equivalent to 20 servings of fruits and vegetables, and over 8000 ORAC units. Dynamic Kids Drink is an excellent source of nat...
Immune Health Basics — Children's Chewable
Wellmune WGP® is a natural ingredient that human clinical research shows can safely enhance immune system function. Published research demonstrates that people taking Wellmune WGP® reported better overall health.
Life'sDHA for Kids
Life’sDHA™ for Kids provides a vegetarian source (algae) of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid, which is a major structural fatty acid in the brain and eyes, and a key component of the heart. DHA is the only omega-3 that has been shown to support brain, eye and heart health throughout...

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Ultracare for Kids®
Ultracare for Kids is a specialty medical food drink mix designed for children with food allergy-related symptoms and atopic disorders. Features low-allergy-potential rice protein for children with dairy, egg, gluten, corn protein, or soy protein sensitivities. • Provides non-dairy calcium—250 mg pe...
UltraMeal is a medical food designed to nutritionally support the management of conditions associated with metabolic syndrome, including: — Central obesity — Altered body composition — Insulin Resistance Designed for those who want to improve body composition, UltraMeal promotes the loss of b...

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