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Stevita Stevia Liquid(1.35 fl oz (40 ml))

Item #: B899PEA
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• General Health
• Stevia Sweetners & Drinks
Summary: Liquid Stevia has all the benefits of normal powdered stevia with the convenience in a liquid used best with tea or coffee.
Description: The Stevita Liquid Stevia is freshly extracted from the leaves of the plant. Before the final stages of spray drying the syrup that is formed during the extraction process, it is Pregnenolone, purified and bottled. It has a very clean, clear , honey-like taste, excellent to be added to your tea or any other liquid. It is very concentrated so, it must be used sparingly.
Flavor: Peach
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1/8 tsp supplies:
Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni extract (leaves)..................................................15 mg
Other Ingredients:
Use as sweetener as needed.

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