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A-21 Mold Mix #1(1 FL. OZ.)

Item #: DA21
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• Allergies
Summary: Mold Mix #1
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Each Drop Supplies:
Alternaria tenuis 6/12/30x, Aspergillus niger 6/12/30x, Curvularia spicifera 6/12/30x, Fusarium moniliforme 6/12/30x, Helminthosporium sativum 6/12/30x, Hormodendrum hordei 6/12/30x, Mucor plumbeus 6/12/30x, Penicillium notatum 6/12/30x, Pullularia pullulans 6/12/30x, Rhizopus nigricans 6/12/30x, 20% alcohol in purified water.
Other Ingredients:
Normal dose for the first week is 2 3 drops in water three times a day. Add 1 drop per dose per week until a total of 10 drops per dose is reached.

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