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AM-1 Small Intestine(1 FL. OZ.)

Item #: DAM01
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• Digestion
Summary: Small Intestine
Description: INDICATIONS: Regulates energy flow in the small intestine meridian and thereby influences the primary organ, (i.e., the small intestine). Look for energetic disturbances occurring along the small intestine meridian, such as: Shoulder-arm syndrome, cervical syndrome, lymphangitis affecting the submandibular lymph nodes, trigeminal neuralgia in the 2nd and 3rd divisions of the trigeminal nerve, low blood pressure, cardiac dysfunction, hearing disorders, conjunctivitis, gastric dysfunction. Meridian No. 1 is suitable for use as an adjuvant in the treatment of clinically obvious small intestine disease such as Crohn's disease.
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Each Drop Supplies:
Condurango 6x, Kalium phosphoricum 8x, Tarentula hispana 12x, aa partes, 20% alcohol in purified water.
Other Ingredients:
The following dosage guidelines have proved effective for the majority of patients, although individual variations do occur: 1. Where a meridian is in energy excess: 1 to 5 drops three times a day. 2. In cases of average energy disturbances: 5 to 10 drops twice a day. 3. Where meridian is lacking in energy: 10 to 20 drops three times a day.

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