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D-47 Hysterell(1 FL. OZ.)

Item #: DD47
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• Stress Related
Summary: Hysteric Complaints
Description: INDICATIONS: Hysterical crying, constrictions and disturbances from the stomach to the throat, sensitivity to noises, feelings of suffocation, throbbing and constriction in the throat. Emotional outbursts, nervousness and aggravations.
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Each Drop Supplies:
Asafoetida 12x, Coffea cruda 30x, Glonoinum 12x, Ignatia amara 30x, Lachesis mutus 30x, Moschus 12x, Pulsatilla 30x, 20% alcohol in purified water.
Other Ingredients:
One half dropper under the tongue two times daily. In acute conditions 5 10 drops under the tongue every 20 30 minutes. Hold the dose in the mouth for no less than 15 seconds to receive fullest effect.

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