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HGH 30,000(1 ounce)

Item #: G150
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• Body Composition
Summary: Proprietary Growth Factor and Human Growth Hormone Stimulator
Description: HGH 30,000 was designed to support the anti-aging process. HGH 30,000 is a safe, sensible, cost-effective approach to supporting a younger you and embarking on a path to wellness and longevity. Because HGH 30,000 contains only all natural HGH boosters, it is free of side effects.
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Six sprays supply:
Growth Factor Complex (Proprietary Blend) 25,000 ng Alpha GPC GABA Mucuna Pruriens (Cowhage) 15% L-Dopa Deer Antler (Velvet) Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia)100:1 HGH Stimulator (Proprietary Blend) 8,750 ng Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate L-Glutamine FCC L-Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate (AAKG) L-Valine Powder L-Isoleucine Powder L-Tyrosine Powder L-Glysine
Other Ingredients: Purified water, sodium benzoate, citric acid, natural & artificial flavors.
3-spray under the tongue at bedtime. May repeat in the morning if desired for added benefits.

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