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Zinlori 75™(60 Tablets)

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Summary: Relief for Gastric Discomfort
Description: Zinlori 75 contains a high potency, patented† zinc-carnosine complex formulated to provide relief of gastric discomforts. Zinc-carnosine supports the healthy ecology, natural defenses, and integrity of the gastric mucosal lining.• Relieves gastric discomforts such as occasional heartburn and indigestion, upset stomach, mild nausea, bloating, belching, and burping.• Promotes a healthy gastric bacterial balance.• Provides antioxidant protection for gastric mucosal cells.• Helps maintain the integrity of the protective gastric mucosal lining by supporting healthy mucus secretion.• Some research indicates that zinc-carnosine may protect gastric mucosal cells without altering prostaglandin metabolism.• Gastro-supportive benefits demonstrated in over 20 published studies.• Same raw material used successfully by healthcare practitioners in Japan since 1994.• Clinically effective dosage in just two tablets.
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One tablet supplies:
Perilla Seed Extract† (Perilla frutescens)..................................................100 mg (containing rosmarinic acid and luteloin)
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Stearic acid, silica.
† U.S. Patent #4,981,846
Take one tablet twice daily between meals or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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