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Beta-Carotene(90 Softgels)

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Summary: Beta-Carotene
Description: Beta carotene is the coloration pigment (lipochrome) of dark green and orange plants. Most beta carotene is converted in the intestines and liver to Vitamin A, but some is absorbed intact by the lymphatic system and circulates in the blood. Research has shown that the amount of beta carotene in the blood is directly related to the amount consumed. Beta carotene and Vitamin A are both stored and utilized by all lipid structures of the body including the epithelium of the lung. Epidemiological investigations indicate an inverse relationship between the amount of Vitamin A rich foods eaten and lung cancer. There is strong evidence of similar relationship with beta carotene, however, while retinoids help the body control cellular differentiation, protection by beta carotene may operate through additional mechanisms.
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One softgel supplies:
Vitamin A (as beta carotene)..................................................25,000 IU
Other Ingredients: Gelatin.
One softgel three times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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