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Dynamic Diffusion Starter Kit(1 Kit)

Item #: X190
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May help in these related Health Categories
• Allergies
• Common Cold/Influenza
• General Health
Summary: A complete kit featuring a diffuser and pure essential oil fractions for emotional and physical well-being.
Description: Experience the benefits of Bioactive Plant Fraction Therapy in a starter kit package that provides a savings of up to 20%. Bioactive Plant Fractions contain essential nutrients found in nature that we currently lack due to toxins in the environment in which we live. Essential oils and Bioactive Plant Fractions provide emotional wellness, help aid natural detoxification and cell-to-cell communication within the body, and improve immune function. The scientifically validated fractions found in these formulations have been shown to: Boost immunity and aid in the prevention of sickness Be an effective therapy for coughs, colds, immune dysfunctions, and provide general health & wellness both emotionally and physically. Essential oils and Bioactive Plant Fractions are also safe for children and pregnant women. The Dynamic Diffusion Starter Kit provides great health benefits through a therapy that is enjoyable, convenient, & satisfying. Bring into your home, work and travel environments the same potent healing entities that are there for us to experience whenever we inhale the fragrance of nature's forests and gardens. You'll reward yourself with a sense of well-being wherever you may be!
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Each kit contains:
One H2EO Ultrasonic Diffuser
One of each available Bioactive Plant Fraction blends and inhalers.
• Anti-Oxidant Boost
• Breathe Deeply
• Immune Support
Other Ingredients:

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